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Peaceful Life

Sedona Station

Sedona Station is comprised of the husband and wife team of Mike and Sally Yates joined together with their daughter, Chris Jacobs.

Peaceful Life contains a few classic numbers but consists mostly of original songs written by Mike and Sally as well as songs written by Jean Ritchie, Pat Robinson and Jim Dicks. The album features an arrangement of beautiful vocals along with three and four-part harmonies and a sweeping range of musical instruments.

Mike does a haunting rendition of Jean Ritchie’s L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore. Chris and Sally harmonize as only families can on Pat Robinson’s Travelin Light and Jim Dicks’ Harmony Hills.

Sedona Station will donate 20% of all CD sales back to the Family Trust Fund.

So we hope you will take a listen and sit back and enjoy the peaceful sounds of Sedona Station.

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